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Silence in the Woods- nature tour in Heinola, Finland

Silence in the Woods- nature tour in Heinola, Finland
€59.00 / 3 h
Price includes 1 person.


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Silence in the woods

This trip takes you deep into of Finnish forest, Paistjärvi area which is located about 1h drive away from centre of Heinola.

So deep, that only the Giants and the black woodpecker live there- at least so do the old people say – Come and find out if it`s true!

You`ll see old forest around clear blue lakes and if you`re lucky you might get to taste finnish berries-like blueberries – fresh from the woods!

We`ll also have a cup of coffee, made on the campfire with the pastry. ( depending on weather conditions)

Take a pair of firm shoes with you!

Duration: 4-5 hours

Package includes:

  • Coffee with pastry
  • Guide

Duration: 4-5 hours

4-12 persons

59€/person min. 4 persons

Available: Spring/Summer/ Fall/( depending on weather conditions)

Suitability: couples, families, group of friends

Not included: